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Private Villa

Welcome to our lovely Villa.
Our private Villa have One big bedroom villa - 100 m² Sea view & Pool view Mountain Agung
And we have 4 other private rooms inside the main Villa, 70 m² and 40 m² All of them feature bathrooms with a shower and copper bathtub, including an infinity pool and full kitchen. If you are interested in a bigger arrangement for you and your friends or if you would even like the property to yourself, we offer the Entire Villa at a set rate.
You may inquire about anything that you wish to have or need while you stay with us. We offer private chef along with daily Housekeeping.
If you are interested in further activities, outdoor adventures, diving or any other service, please do not hesitate to message us your request and we will do what we are able to. Please do not feel like a stranger, we are here to help and make your stay feel like a wonderful getaway.
You will find this Villa to be very luxury quality, clean and cool.
Should you wish, we may also take you to a land tour by car and visit the Island’s most unique attractions in Nusa Penida ✨